CHRISTMAS PYRAMIDS  from the German Christmas shop

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The German Christmas Shop

For the best in handmade crafts from Germany, Nutcrackers, Smoky Men, Candle Arches, Candle Holders, Music Boxes, Christmas Tree Decorations, Cribs, Nativities and much more...

Candles 14 mm ø:  Standard  size Candles for nearly all of our Pyramids.

Candles 16 mm ø:  Only used in a few of the Pyramid that we sell, this is indicated when you hover over the picture of that Pyramid.

Candles 10 mm  ø: Are not used in any Pyramids we currently sell but are used in some older Pyramids and in some of our candle holders.

We do stock  and can order some other sizes of candles that were used in some older styles of  German Pyramids.

PLEASE NOTE: We DO NOT stock or sell candles for Pyramids such as those purchased on so called  German Christmas Markets in England as they are usually NOT German.

If unsure please measure the diameter of your candle holder or email us

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Candles 14 mm ø Height 70 mm   BOX of 50      RED  £6.99       WHITE  £6.99        NATURAL  £6.99

Candles ø 10 mm Height 65 mm BOX of 20         RED  £4.50            WHITE  £4.50

Candles 16 mm ø Height 100 mm BOX of 18      RED  £6.99             WHITE  £6.99

Candles 14 mm ø Height 70 mm PACKET of 12   RED  £1.99             WHITE £1.99         NATURAL £1.99

Angel Chime Candles  BOX of 16                    WHITE  £3.99

Christmas Pyramids are available to purchase

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