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The German Christmas Shop

For the best in handmade crafts from Germany, Nutcrackers, Smoky Men, Candle Arches, Candle Holders, Music Boxes, Christmas Tree Decorations, Cribs, Nativities and much more...

For example we had a young boy come into the shop a few years ago, he told me that he had a very big Christmas Pyramid but it was very old now. When I asked how old was his Pyramid? he replied that it was nearly thirteen years old. And how old are you? I asked, nearly thirteen he replied. He was born on Christmas Day and the Pyramid was his Birth Day present.

As for myself, I have a Pyramid of my Mothers which is over forty years old, I have exactly the same one which I bought myself over twenty years ago but its watching my Mothers that brings back all those ‘childhood memories'.

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Pyramids can make a perfect gift for anyone at any time not just for Christmas.

A Wedding, New Home, Birthday, Christmas, Christening or Conformation. It's a gift to last a lifetime, something to treasure, an heirloom.

A Christmas Pyramid as a wedding present? Silly you may think, but think again, how many memories come flooding back at Christmas as decorations are unpacked for their annual outing. From remembering friends and family to what we were doing on a special day.

A Perfect Gift