CHRISTMAS PYRAMIDS  from the German Christmas shop

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The German Christmas Shop

For the best in handmade crafts from Germany, Nutcrackers, Smoky Men, Candle Arches, Candle Holders, Music Boxes, Christmas Tree Decorations, Cribs, Nativities and much more...

Beware of imitations of the Genuine Products.

Apart from the obvious difference in the poor quality of the imitations.

We recommend that when purchasing, you look for one of the following tips to help ensure authenticity.

A Makers Name or Logo.

A Certificate of Authenticity.

Echt ( Original ) Erzgebirge

Made In Germany.

The Rider on Horseback.

As far as we know almost every genuine item has at least one of the above.

The photos left show two Smoky Men, the one on the left produced by KWO the one on the right a poor quality imitation.

KWO has recently won a seven year legal battle to prevent the import of just one particular product. ( The full story can be found via a link on our Blog )

Photos supplied and used with the kind permission of KWO.

The above is just one item, there are imitations of many styles of Smoky Men, the problem is huge.

Apart from the Smoky Men, you will find imitations of Nutcrackers, Christmas Pyramids, Candle Arches, Tree Decorations and Music Boxes amongst other items.

In this country, for some time now we have had so called "German Christmas Markets" unfortunately, a poor imitation of the real thing in Germany. More disturbing is the fact that they are called German Christmas Markets, which we feel is misleading the public into thinking, understandably, that the items on sale will be German, Wrong...

Christmas Pyramids are available to purchase

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Beware of Imitations

We only sell genuine Erzgebirge Woodcraft beware of imitations