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The Incense Pyramid:

Fragrance and gentle motion in the form of a Pyramid for Incense Cones.

This new development, the Neudorfer Incense Cone Pyramid shows that the heat from the Incense Cone can move something.

The Incense Cone Pyramid combines pleasant fragrance with gentle motion of the turning blades. All parts are made of metal, another piece of genuine handicraft from the Erzgebirge.

Available in Red, Green and Antique Silver.

The Maker recommends The Fine Neudorfer Incense Cones for use with the Incense Pyramid.

This is because they leave less residue on the small working part of the Pyramid. All other Cones may be used but it may mean that the metal tip under the blades will need cleaning occasionally.

The Fine Neudorfer Incense Cones are available in Sandal, Pine and Frankincense.    

 Incense Pyramid Red  8 cm £15.99

 Incense Pyramid Green 8 cm £15.99

 Incense Pyramid Silver  8 cm  £15.99


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£ 2.50

Fine Incense Pine

£ 2.50

Fine Incense Sand