Wonder in Wood "The German Christmas Shop" Skipton, Norh Yorkshire

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New  For 2012

Smoky Pumpkin,  Great for Halloween.

Smoky Pumpkin

A lovely incense burning smoker in the form of a pumpkin. Great for Halloween or all year round. (12 cm)

£23.99  (105h0101)

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Modern Nativity Arch

A simple and elegant arch. The scene is limited to the essentials of the event and with this is the special attraction. The figures are packed loosely and make it possible for the customer to  arrange and rearrange. The integrated LED lighting sets the nativity scene in an atmospheric light. 12V connector, transformer is supplied with the arch. (62cm/25cm/10cm)

£259.99  (gg366)

Nativity scene figures

Clear and noble, this crib presents itself. The figures are limited in their minimalist presentation on the basics of the event and thus have a special charm. (7 cm)

£92.99  (gg719)

Candle holder with Santa and sleigh

This candle holder is fitted with a hand turned Santa Claus, who is on his way to distribute his gifts. Suitable as a small gift for any occasion. Uses standard pyramid candle. (10cm x 5.5cm)

£16.99  (gg608)

Carol singers (five pieces)

These handmade, turned Carol singers se is expandable with some trees in our range, thus forming a nice Christmas atmosphere. H: 3.5 cm

£14.99  (gg710)

Various possibilities of the fragrance steam locomotive

The Huss 1K-scented steam locomotive.

Like the original, from the 19th Century.

Universal application for:


Incense resins,

fragrance oils

and as cup warmer.

£169.99 (04h)

Stollen Girl

Smoker with her tray of lovely Christmas Stollen 20cm

£49.99 (105h4007)

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£56.99 Hussar red 28cm  (113121)

£67.99 Hussar red 39cm  (112121)

King Red 60cm





T Light Pyramid 202700  17cm   £49.99

“My finest snowman”

With electric light lantern. Beautiful turned and painted snowman and child with electric light. (53cm)

£359.99 (110h2000)

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